Video Editor


Job description: As our Creative Video Editor, you’ll be the wizard behind the curtain, turning concepts into compelling visual stories. Your canvas? Cap cut, Canva – where you’ll weave your editing spells, making every frame count. YouTube is your playground, and you’ll craft content that resonates, entertains, and leaves our viewers craving more.

    • Slice, morph, and forge raw images into short video masterpieces.
    • Collaborate with our creative team to bring ideas to fruition.
    • Craft visually stunning edits that resonate with our target audience.
    • Stay ahead of industry trends and implement fresh, innovative editing techniques.
    • Maintain a high level of quality and consistency across all projects.

What You Bring:

    • Proven experience as a Video Editor, especially in the YouTube realm.
    • Proficiency in Capcut, Canva and Premiere Pro – you’re practically on a first-name basis!
    • A portfolio that showcases your editing prowess and creativity.
    • Strong understanding of storytelling, pacing, and visual composition.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
    • Passion for staying up-to-date with the latest video editing trends.

Here’s our YouTube link
1. Our Shorts reference :
2. Long videos reference edit:

Job Type: Full time