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Job description:
As a pivotal player in our pursuit of operational excellence, the Quality Assurance Coordinator is dedicated to fostering continuous improvement across the company. This role is designed for an individual committed to acting as a force for positive change, focusing on streamlining processes, reducing inefficiencies, and elevating our business performance to new heights.
· A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Engineering, or a related field.
· Demonstrated experience in process improvement, business analysis, or a similar capacity.
· Strong proficiency in process improvement methodologies, including but not limited to Kaizen, Six Sigma, or Lean.
· Experience with API Q2 training or practice is highly desirable.
· Active membership in relevant professional bodies is preferred.
Key Responsibilities:
· Conduct thorough analyses of current business processes to pinpoint improvement and optimization opportunities.
· Lead the development and execution of strategic process improvement initiatives aimed at boosting efficiency, productivity, and quality.
· Actively search for innovation and adopt industry best practices to facilitate continuous business enhancements.
· Collaborate with teams across various functions to collect data and insights on process efficiency and effectiveness.
· Employ analytical tools and methodologies to uncover the root causes of process inefficiencies and devise actionable solutions.
· Track and assess the impact of implemented improvements using data analysis and stakeholder feedback to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.
· Effectively communicate ongoing progress, outcomes, and recommendations to a broad range of stakeholders, from management to frontline employees.
· Facilitate training sessions and provide support to staff regarding new processes and procedures to ensure a smooth transition and adoption.
· Play a key role in the creation, upkeep, and refinement of process documentation, standards, and guidelines.
· Stay abreast of the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices within the business process improvement sphere.

Pay: ₦800,000.00 – ₦900,000.00 per month
Job Type: Full-time

To apply for this job email your details to info@eqoutsourcing.com